Shannon Hellyer Gibson

  • Member of Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club since 2013

  • Member of Training Committee/Trainer for GVDOTC since 2017

  • Founding board member Capital Region Association of Dog Professionals 2017

  • CKC Canine Good Neighbor Evaluator

  • #2 Border Terrier in Canada for Rally Obedience 2017

  • #3 Border Terrier in Canada for Rally Obedience 2018 & 2019

  • AIOC competitive titles; 

    • Companion Dog

    • Rally Novice (2 dogs)

    • Rally Intermediate (2 dogs)

    • Rally Advance

    • 1st Place Team Challenge Novice Obedience 2019

  • CKC competitive titles;

    • ​Companion Dog

    • Rally Novice (2 dogs)

    • Rally Intermediate (2 dogs)

    • Rally Advance

    • Rally Excellent

  • SDDA Titles; 

    • Starter SP

  • Trick dog Titles; 

    • Novice Trick Dog

    • Intermediate Trick Dog

    • Trick Dog Instructor

  • Training seminars;

    • Sylvia Bishop

    • Mathew Twitty (2)

    • Janice Gunn

    • Ward Falkner 

    • Christine Kisser

  • Training Classes; 

    • Competition Obedience 4 yrs,

    • Control/Competition Obedience

    • Building Bravery

    • Boot camp

    • GSD specialty/bravery class

    • Off leash social class

    • Scent work Training

    • Open Level Obedience class

    • Various courses Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Leerburg Online University

With over 25 years dog handling experience, Shannon believes in building a strong relationship with your dog to have a true partnership. Dog training isn't just about obedience or rules. Although you do definitely need to have those! It's about respecting each other as individuals and bringing the best out in your dog. A solid relationship with your dog will help you excel in having a well mannered, eager and willing partner in your life! 


Shannon is constantly partaking in a variety of dog sports and courses in order to further her knowledge and her quest to become a true dog nerd! She has titles in Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Trick Dog and Scentwork.


Tracy Ditomasso

Tracy provides dog owners with professional, reliable and well informed pet services. Always eager to build upon her knowledge she takes part in training seminars and volunteers her training services at a non profit obedience club in Saanich. She believes that every dog is unique and therefore the training itself must be tailored to their specific learning needs. She strives to build a community with current and graduated students where dog owners support each other through their struggles and are there to celebrate each other’s success.

  • 16 years of dog handling experience

  • Member of Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club since 2016

  • Member of Training Committee/Trainer for GVDOTC 2018

  • Training seminars;

    • Mathew Twitty

    • Keltie Lang (2)

    • Ward Falkner 

    • Online Ian Dunbar Academy

  • Training Classes; 

    • Competition Obedience

    • Puppy Class

    • Basic Obedience

    • Growl Class

    • Bravery Class

    • Dog Recall / Off Leash Training 

  • Teaching/Assisting Experience;

  • Naughty Dogge 6 month apprenticeship

    • Assistant Trainer to Monique Anstee:

    • Bravery Class

    • Off Leash Dog Social 

    • Dog Boot camp​​

  • Assistant Trainer to Haley Hais, The Chewed Slipper:

    • Basic Obedience

    • Growl Class

  • GVDOTC Assistant Trainer

    • Novice Competition Obedience

  • Instructor ​

    • Basic Obedience

    • Puppy Class

    • Private Lessons


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