Puppy training

Serena A. & Summer

Shannon and Tracy’s classes are a great way to make you and your puppy an amazing team! K9 Citizen Dog Training recognizes your dog’s individual training needs in order to ensure that they are on the right path. They really enjoy dogs and see the potential in everyone. I found the online component with instructional videos and ongoing feedback helpful. In the in person classes they modelled training techniques and gave direct feedback as we practiced the exercises. It was so worth it! They are so well known in the community that I was referred to them by another trainer. Thank you!

Rally Obedience training

Iris L & Eva

We have had such amazing experiences with K9 Citizen. Tracy's expertise in dog behaviour really shows, as she always provides a variety of options to make sure that the training really works for you and your dog. She is also not afraid to tell you what it is you can improve, which is really refreshing. Shannon's enthusiasm for dog sports is really infectious; rally obedience has changed the bond between me and my dog, truly turned us into the team I always dreamed off. We are getting a new pup soon, and I am already looking forward to signing up for allll the classes!

Dog Obedience training
K9 etiquette training

Amie S with

Bentley & Hudson

I highly recommend West Shore Pet Service and their beginner etiquette class. There is an excellent ratio of instructors to pets. It was so much fun to attend the classes, go home with a homework instruction sheet and be able to review posted videos to ensure we were practicing right. These ladies are very experienced with dogs and their method is so easy to work on between classes. We even got a graduation certificate and photos with a graduation cap.

Thank you so much!

Rally Obedience training

Alison G & Vinnie

Vinnie & I thoroughly enjoyed trying out rally for the first time this summer. Tracy and Shannon were fun to work with and very knowledgeable and friendly - if you’re thinking about some training but aren’t quite sure where to begin I would highly recommend their services.

K9 etiquette dog obedience

Jose L & Benny

Thank you Westshore Pet Services Dog Training! Tracy went above and beyond from Benny, allowed our other dogs to participate when she learned how out of control they are and checked in about Olly who has been sick (not her client). We will be joining further classes!

Private dog training session

Sarah Lynn S

& Maxx

Amazing!! Maxx & I had a great private class today!! Tracy was so engaging, honest and open with her advice!! I feel wonderful seeing Maxx thrive! Thank you sooooo much!! looking forward to our next meeting!!


Anna & Acorn

My pup Acorn and I took two classes with Tracy and Shannon, and since then we are working so much better as a team, but now we really do work together when we are out. I really like the stress on etiquette – how to work with my dog on how to behave towards people and dogs, whether outside or when visitors arrive at my home. The instruction was always so clear and professional. And we had fun too! Tracy and Shannon are excellent teachers, always encouraging. Different dogs need specific approaches sometimes and that personal approach worked really well for us. I highly recommend their training.