Covid Plan for Training classes as of November 20th 2020

  • Max 7 students

  • Masks are mandatory.

  • Wash hands prior to class. Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering the building.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout class.

  • Classes are held indoors. We will have an entry door and a separate exit door wherever possible.

  • The entirety of the previous class must exit the building prior to the next class entering the building.

  • Common surfaces will be sanitized between classes.

  • No physical contact of any kind (handshakes, high fives etc.) between students and or instructors

  • Maintain social distance of 8 feet minimum except when passing dog between handler and instructor

  • Do not attend class if you or an immediate family member or house mate is sick.

  • Please contact us immediately if you are directed to or have had a Covid test or test positive for Covid. Any exposure will mean the entire class will be suspended until we can ensure there are no further transmissions. Our online learning will replace in person classes if this situation occurs.

  • If classes are suspended due to provincial health orders or shutdowns or similar circumstances our online learning will replace the in person version of the remainder of the classes. No makeup classes will be offered. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the in person classes you can be moved to online learning.

  • Washrooms are available only for emergencies.

  • Please minimize handling any objects in the room.

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