Puppy Class

The most fun and essential class you and your new dog will take. In order to set you on the right path and build upon your puppy’s confidence, we will be working through a lot of puppy enrichment and socializing exercises.  We will introduce you to basic obedience and show you the ropes when it comes to grooming, basic handling and physical care of your new puppy


Introduction to walking on leash

Sits and downs


Leave it

Drop it

Basic puppy grooming and handling

Socialization by introducing various things you and your puppy would encounter out in the real world. This includes objects, sounds, surfaces, people and much much more.


​Recommended Puppies 12 to 17 weeks

6 Group Classes Including 6 Weeks Online Content $250 + GST


Classes are approx 50min



Beginners Obedience

This class is the best place to start for dog owners who are looking to have a well balanced, behaved and happy dog. Through beginners obedience we strive to teach you how to strengthen your relationship having fun teaching your furry companion important life skills. These skills will improve your dog's focus, impulse control and basic behaviour


Loose leash walking


Leave it

Drop it

On your bed



​Recommended Dogs 5 months and older

6 Group Classes Including 6 Weeks Online Content $250 + GST


Classes are approx 50min



Obedience Level 2

Obedience Level 2 continues where we left off in Basic Obedience. In order to qualify for this class, you will need to be approved based on the level of skill you and your dog achieved in the Basic Obedience class.

We will be focusing on the core exercises you learned in class. Exercises like leash manners and recall will become much more of a focus. The impulse control exercises we covered in Basic Obedience will be incorporated into your recall and leash manners. There will be a large increase in distractions and difficulty as we intend to take these skills out into the public during the 6 weeks.


This training course is for students who are willing to put the work in outside of class as well as in class over the 6-week period. If you are unable to work on exercises outside of class you may find yourself behind in the curriculum. Please consider the amount of time you are willing and able to commit to this course prior to registration.

​Recommended Dogs 5 months and older

6 Group Classes Including 6 Weeks Online Content 4 students per class

$250 + GST


Classes are approx 50min


Novice Trick Dog Class

Looking for something to do with your dog during those long wet winter days we are famous for? Are they finding creative ways to let you know that they are BORED?

Join our Novice Trick Dog Class! In this class you will learn through luring, timing and motivation how to teach your dog Novice Level Tricks. By the end you will be able to get your dog their Novice Trick Dog Title! Learn tricks like Hoop jump, Crawl, Spin/Twist, Peekaboo, Bow, Wipe your paws Wobble board, Backup, Wave and others.

Suitable for all dogs from puppies to seniors of any size and ability.


6 Week Set of Group Classes $250 + GST

Classes are approx 50min


Advanced Trick Dog Class

Our Advanced Trick class builds on the foundation tricks learned in Novice trick training and creates a whole new layer of fun for you and your dog!

6 Week Set of Group Classes $250 + GST

Classes are approx 50min

maddy nw.jpg

Nose Work

Intro to Odour

Dogs experience the world through scent. Sniffing is one of the most natural and rewarding behaviors for them. Professional and competitive scent detection utilize the dog’s incredible olfactory abilities and love of hunting while building a partnership based on trust, respect and communication.


In this set of classes, you and your dog will learn to search for the 3 essential oils used in competition. We will build your dog’s ‘odour obedience’, your understanding of ‘in odour behavior’, your ability to ‘read your dog’, your knowledge of how odour interacts with the environment, and how to handle odour and set simple hides.

​​6 Week Set of Group Classes $235 (includes starter odour kit)

Classes are approx. 75 to 90min

Class is taught by Pam Koiner


Nose Work

Intro to Elements

Building on your dog's odour obedience and skills learned in Intro to NW, we will separate our 'odour cocktail' into individual swabs of Wintergreen, Pine and Thyme. The dogs will be introduced to the various 'elements' of competitive nosework: containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles as we continue to reinforce their drive and commitment to odour. Handlers will will refine their ability to recognize their partner's 'in odour' behaviour and further develop a recognizable alert behaviour.

​​6 Week Set of Group Classes $220 + GST

Classes are approx. 75 to 90min

Class is taught by Pam Koiner

Image by Edson Torres

Beginners Rally Obedience

Are you interested in learning obedience training for competition? This course will introduce you to the foundations for both competition obedience and Rally Obedience. Rally is obedience exercises performed in an obstacle sequence format. 

This course will introduce fancy formal heelwork as well as the Novice Rally stations. By the end of this course your relationship with your dog will be well on its way to becoming a true partnership!


Dogs must have a solid Sit and Down command as well as a basic understanding of heel position.


Suitable for dogs 10months and up

6 Week Set of Group Classes Including 6 Weeks Online Content $250 + GST


Classes are approx 50min


Intermediate Rally Obedience

This course continues where we left off with our intro class. We will finesse our heelwork, fronts, finishes, footwork and learn the Rally Intermediate and Advanced signs. This course is designed to be an ongoing course. Students can expect to remain in this course until they are proficient in all the Rally signs up to the Advanced/Excllent level or Novice Obedience level. 


Dogs must have completed our Intro to Rally course or Similar with a local Obedience club

Classes are approx 50min 


6 Week Set of Group Classes Including 6 Weeks Online Content $250 + GST


Classes are approx 50min

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K9 Fitness Class

This is a foundation level course designed to help you and your dog maintain their level of fitness, strength, flexibility, improved performance and help prevent injuries. This course is suitable for both young active dogs and senior dogs that need help preventing being a couch potato or a weekend warrior with simple exercises and mental stimulation!


This course IS NOT suitable for dogs in need of rehabilitation. This course is for healthy dogs with no significant prior injuries or ongoing conditions. If there is any concern please check with your Veterinarian prior to enrolling in class. 


6 Week Set of Group Classes $250 + GST


Classes are approx 50min

Image by James Barker

Private Lessons

Newly adopted Dog? New Puppy? Our private training packages are a great way to start and to focus on a specific issue you would like help with. We cover everything from recalls to nail trims


1 hour private session at our location in Esquimalt $125

1 hour in home private session $150


1 hour in home private session with puppies up 16 weeks old is $125

We offer a 30min consult $75

tamas-pap-n2vcWTUutIA-unsplash (2)_edited.jpg

CGN Preperation Class

Does your dog have what it takes to become a Canine Good Neighbour?

This is a fun, non-competitive class geared towards the successful completion of a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) test, however, the skills you will learn have greater value in real life and in your relationship with your dog.

This 6 wk course will teach you all the skills you need to show good manners at home, in public and around other dogs. We cover skills such as;

  • Loose leash walking

  • Mild or no reaction to passing dogs and people

  • Walking through a crowd

  • Accepting a friendly stranger

  • Politely accepting grooming

  • Sit or down on command and stay in place

  • Recall

  • Settling in a distracted environment

  • Politely walking through doors and gates


This course does not include the CGN test however tests will be offered throughout the year. 

Prerequisites; a beginners obedience class or higher for existing clients. An assessment may be required for any new clients. 

6 weeks $250 plus GST 

New client assessment fee $75


Ready Set Recall

If you are looking for a reliable recall from your dog then this is the class for you.

This course is limited to 4 students, includes 4 classes and will be held in 4 different outdoor locations.

$170 +GST

Class dates will be posted in the Spring

Please contact us if you would like to be added to our wait

heelwork opt1.jpg

Heelwork Foundation

Heelwork is one of the most powerful ways handlers can connect to their dogs. It is my favorite skill to practice with my dog. There is no better feeling than knowing you and your dog are in sync with each other.

Heel work foundations can teach your dog better body awareness, work their brain, improve your relationship and communication, and teach you and your dog a broad set of versatile skills that can be used in all kinds of capacities in their lives. Whether you want to improve your heelwork, or are wanting to compete in a dogsport, try out a new hobby or build a skill for fun. 

Prerequisites; K9 Etiquette, basic obedience or higher. May be required to take an assessment prior to acceptance. 

This class may travel depending on weather conditions.

Heelwork Foundations 4 wks $170

Image by Dena Simard

K9 Citizen Dog Training

Have Fun With Your Dogs!

FitPAWS Products

We are pleased to announce that we are now selling FitPaws equipment! This specially designed fitness equipment is a must for anyone looking to improve their dogs fitness and flexibility.



Core conditioning is an essential part of any dog’s training program, including the performance and pet dog. Your dog’s body will automatically react to the shifting movement of the balance products, allowing your dog’s body to use different muscles simultaneously. Adding this strengthening activity to your dog’s cross-training activities 3-4 times a week, has many benefits, including:


• Improved reaction and control

• Increased trunk and core strength

• Stabilization of weak areas

• Improved balance and proprioception

(awareness of the body’s position in space)

• Increased range of motion in joints and elongation of

the muscles

• Improved sensory and body awareness

Screenshot_20211124-154725_Samsung Internet_edited_edited.jpg

Shannon Hellyer Gibson

With over 25 years dog handling experience, Shannon believes in building a strong relationship with your dog to have a true partnership. Dog training isn't just about obedience or rules. Although you do definitely need to have those! It's about respecting each other as individuals and bringing the best out in your dog. A solid relationship with your dog will help you excel in having a well mannered, eager and willing partner in your life! 


Shannon is constantly partaking in a variety of dog sports and courses in order to further her knowledge and her quest to become a true dog nerd! She has titles in Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Trick Dog and Scentwork.


Tracy Ditomasso

Tracy provides dog owners with professional, reliable and well informed pet services. Always eager to build upon her knowledge she takes part in training seminars and volunteers her training services at a non profit obedience club in Saanich. She believes that every dog is unique and therefore the training itself must be tailored to their specific learning needs. She strives to build a community with current and graduated students where dog owners support each other through their struggles and are there to celebrate each other’s success.

Pam Koiner

Pam has had a lifelong love and respect for dogs, owning breeds ranging from Fox Terriers to wolf hybrids. Her current breed, Australian Cattle Dogs, got her involved in competitive dog sports 12 years. First, agility, where she was far outclassed and outrun by her fast and brilliant partner. She hobbled her way to their Advanced Agility Dog of Canada ranking. Bad knees led her to the fairly new sport of canine scent detection. She trained with a great instructor and began competing in 2018.

Just recently, Pam ‘semi-retired’ 12 year old Arkasha as the most titled ACD on the Sporting Detection Dog registry, having earned his CH, MACH, GA-CH and having competed at the inaugural National Challenge Cup in Milton, ON. She is currently focused on competing with her younger dog, Zzzeplin. For the past 2 years Pam has been training and coaching competitive teams of all levels, and continually pursues her passion for scent detection by attending seminars, taking webinars, competing, and hosting SDDA trials.


Iris Lambrechts

Iris has a passion for all things dog. Working as a dog walker and assisting in a variety of dog obedience and sport classes she has a very well rounded approach to teaching, providing training tailored to each person and their dog's specific needs.


Her desire to learn and train both of her dogs in multiple sports classes is insatiable. Iris currently trains and competes in Rally-Obedience, Competition Obedience and Nosework, and recently started training in Agility. She is constantly looking to increase her knowledge by taking courses and seminars with some of the best international dog trainers. 


One of her favourite activities is trick-dog training, as it has increased the bond between her and her dog immensely. She focuses on finding out what motivates a dog and uses that as part of their learning process.

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